Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ithaca food

What happens if you go back after 15 years?

  • Just a Taste: My wine tastes have evolved, but the food is still as good as it used to be. We had a great meal.
  • Thai Cuisine: This is probably because my expectations have changed, but I remember this being better than it is now. 
  • Collegetown Bagels: mmm, good bagels.
  • Viva Taqueria: I wish we could get burritos this good in Basel.
  • The Chapterhouse: ok, it's a bar, not a restaurant. The space is still basically the same, but I definitely preferred it had its own beer, ginger ale, root beer, and nothing else.
  • Sushi O Sake (can't find a URL): good food, but not great.
  • The Nines: Having a pint of Black Forest and a slice really took me back. I do like Nines pizza.

Toronto food

hmm, I've definitely fallen out of the habit of doing this... but that's no reason not to do some nano-restaurant reviews.

From our visit to Toronto... in no particular order:

  • Lai Wah Heen: very nice dim sum lunch. It's odd to order everything instead of having them come by with carts, but we ate *very* well.
  • Yummy BBQ (can't find a website): great dive korean BBQ lunch.
  • Beer Bistro: Disappointing. Great potential: nice space, good menu, good service, but the food was definitely so la la.
  • Thai Noodle: nice dive Thai food.