Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SF restaurant notes part 1

  1. Wednesday : BoBo's Steakhouse
  2. Thursday : Lake Chalet Restaurant (Oakland)
  3. Friday : Blue Plate
  4. Monday : La Briciola
  5. Tuesday : Eddie Rickenbackers (lunch), Kate O'Briens
  6. Wednesday : Thirsty Bear
  7. Thursday : Chaat Cafe (lunch), House of Nanking
  8. Friday : Out the Door (lunch), Baloompie pupuseria
  9. Saturday : La Corneta Taqueria (lunch), Steve and Dianna's
  10. Sunday : Cliff House (brunch), Henry's Hunan
  11. Monday : Chaat Cafe (lunch), Colibri

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday: mashed potatoes with arugula and goat cheese

A somewhat random idea driven by the bunch of arugula we had from the biokiste: cook mashing potatoes in their skin, then peel them hot and transfer to a double boiler. Mash the potatoes with some salt and good olive oil. Add chopped goat cheese (not chevre... I used a bio goat cheese from Spitzebärg that I found at Coop) and mix until the cheese melts. Stir in a bunch of chopped arugula and let stand a few minutes so that the greens have a chance to wilt a bit. Serve sprinkled with fleur de sel.

This is a really nice side that almost qualifies as a main dish. I made simple french omelets with chives to complete the meal.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday: Sauerkraut and sausage

I actually made this Tuesday night, but we didn't eat it until tonight.

The usual quick weeknight sauerkraut thing: cook the cabbage with some white wine and add a saucisson vaudoise for the last 30 minutes of simmering.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday: Topinambur soup

I needed to use the last of the topinambur from the box, so I tried another recipe from Wiener. This time I monkeyed around with the recipe a bit based on the ingredients in the house, so I used milk instead of cream (though I did add a bit of butter to compensate) and normal brown mushrooms instead of porcini.

We ate this with bread and a green salad. I also made some sauerkraut with saucisson vaudoise, but we ate enough soup and bread that the sauerkraut got pushed a night.

I'm sure it would have been considerably better with porcini, but the soup was quite nice as is.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunday: Pasta with lentils and gorgonzola

Another pasta and lentils idea from Wiener, but this time I followed the recipe. :-)

And what a recipe it is... this cookbook is rapidly becoming a favorite.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Saturday: chicken with almond-cress sauce and semolina croquettes

An interesting sounding recipe from the current Le Menu.

The chicken breasts are braided (to make zopf shapes), fastened with a toothpick, seasoned, browned, and then cooked in a low oven (90C) until done.

The sauce is made by adding minced garlic to a light roux and cooking for a minute, adding chicken stock and simmering for 5 minutes, adding cress and pureeing, and then stirring in some lightly-whipped cream and adjusting seasonings.

For the dumplings cook 75g semolina with 375ml milk-water until it forms a thick paste, cook gently for 5 minutes, let cool, stir in two egg yolks, 75g flour, salt, 30g grated parmesan cheese, and let cool. Make croquettes (could be done by piping them, but I didn't), coat with bread crumbs (probably optional if piping), and then cook in clarified butter until nicely browned in both sides. Hold in the low oven with the chicken until ready to serve.

Serve the chicken and croquettes on top of a layer of sauce. Top the chicken with toasted almond flakes and some more cress as a garnish.

I did a endive and orange salad (dressing: orange juice, olive oil, toasted cumin, salt, and black pepper) to accompany this.

It was a nice meal.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wednesday: fondue gratin

An approach for using up leftover fondue.

We did a normal gratin with potato and celery root thinly cut on the ceramic slicer layered with thin slices of dry smoked ham and a sauce made from milk, sour cream, potato starch, garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage, bay leaf, cloves, and black pepper. After Andrea built it, we topped it with leftover fondue that I had crumbled and mixed with bread crumbs. I used the usual baking scheme: 40 minutes covered, 20 minutes open.

mmmmm, good stuff.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tuesday : "tortilla pie"

There were tortillas left that needed to be used...

Brown some ground meat (mixed pork and beef) with salt, transfer to a bowl. Cook some diced onion in the same pan for a couple of minutes. Add back the ground meat along with some water and some prepared mole (I mixed these together to start with). It should be soupy. Simmer for a few minutes and adjust salt (not too much here though... feta is coming).

Layer the meat/sauce mixture on tortillas with thinly sliced onion, corn, and feta cheese, top with a layer of sauce and some grated cheese and then bake for 20-30 minutes.

Another simple (since the mole came from a jar) winner.

Monday: fusiony quesadillas

Kind of a random thing for a work night.

The sauce: soak some ripped up dried chipotles for a bit in hot water. Saute diced onion and garlic in a bit of neutral oil until the onion starts to soften. Add cumin seeds and some ground coriander and toast for a couple of minutes. Add a good amount of sweet paprika and toast a few seconds. Add canned tomatoes, the chipotles, and the soaking water and let simmer for 5-10 minutes. Puree well with a stick blender.

The pork: saute finely chopped pork (geschnetzeltes) in neutral oil over high heat with some salt. When it's about done add some garlic paste and cook another 30 seconds. Transfer to a bowl.

The quesadillas: on each tortilla place some pork, grated cheese (I used Emmentaler, because that's what was in the fridge), thinly sliced onion, and some corn. Fold in half and bake for 10 minutes.

Before serving pour whatever liquid has collected in the pork dish to the tomato sauce and adjust seasonings of the sauce. Serve the quesadillas on top of the sauce, with sour cream and additional sauce on the side.

Very nice.