Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday: Chicken with root vegetables and port

My original idea was to use up the port butter leftover from last weekend by doing chicken cooked with port butter. As I went along though, the idea evolved based on the contents of the fridge. So I guess this is cuisine de kühlschrank.

Cut a small chicken into serving pieces, skin them, and brown them in clarified butter. Set the chicken pieces aside, pour out the clarified butter and cook a minced onion, a diced parsnip, and a diced carrot in the same pan with a bit of port butter and a pinch of salt until the onion is cooked. Sprinkle over some flour, and stir for a couple minutes. Reduce the heat and add some port wine and water. Add back the chicken thighs and legs along with a couple sprigs of thyme, cover, and simmer 15 minutes. Add the breast pieces and simmer another 15 minutes. Add additional port butter and adjust seasonings.

We ate this with oven-roasted potatoes and a green salad.

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