Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday: stuffed chicken breasts

Last night I used the chicken breasts leftover from soup making to do stuffed chicken breasts.

Cut a slit into each breast and added some chopped basil and olive oil (from the freezer), a bit of grainy mustard, some flavorful cheese (I used an alp cheese based on goat milk we picked up at the market on Saturday), and a grind of pepper. After closing the slits with toothpicks, bread each breast with flour, egg, and fresh bread crumbs then let them rest for a while. Sautee them at medium-high heat in clarified butter until the coating is crispy and the insides seem done by the poke test.

That's good food.

We started the meal with carrot-lentil soup, and had chard stems cooked in olive oil as a vegetable side. And a green salad.

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