Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday: Pan-roasted veal

For last night's main course I did a Hazan recipe for pan-roasted veal. I filled a rolled neck roast with crushed green garlic and rosemary, browned it well, and then pan roasted it with white wine until fork tender. I enriched the sauce with some veal essence and thickened it a bit with potato starch.

To go with the veal we had new potatoes and a room-temperature asparagus salad. The potatoes were super simple: after boiling them I sauteed them briefly with butter, finely diced shallot, and minced parsley.

The asparagus salad: peel the spears and steam them until crisp-tender. Cut into bite size pieces and then toss with salt, lemon juice, good olive oil, and minced parsley. Let marinate a while before serving.

This was all excellent food. We got the asparagus from a different farmer than usual and ended up with something quite nice. It must have been fresher than we're used too, because it was quite crisp and still sweet. mmmmm.

Of course we also had a green salad.

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