Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday at the Grill

Last night to take advantage of the fantastic weather I fired up the grill.

The major component was lemongrass patties (from a BittmanWorld recipe): Mix 300g ground pork with a minced stalk of lemon grass, two minced garlic cloves, a finely chopped shallot, some minced chilli, a good splash of fish sauce[1], and a pinch of sugar. Form 3 patties and let them stand for a while so the flavors can meld. Grill over a medium hot fire and serve with a toasted bun, mayo, sriracha, and some lime.

I also grilled a couple of tomatoes as a side.

We have loads of spinach from the biokiste, so I also made a bowl of spinach by lightly browning some finely chopped bacon in a bit of olive oil, adding chopped garlic and red onion, and cooking until the onion softens. To this I added the washed and stemmed spinach and let it cook until the spinach was done. After draining off the extra liquid, I added some soy sauce and rice vinegar.

Really nice food eaten outside on a really nice evening.

I remember having made the patties before, but I can't find it on the blog... weird.

[1] not such a pleasant thought!

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