Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday: baked ham with knoedel

Last night's main course was determined by the nice looking little ham (Nusschinken) that I picked up on sale. This I glazed with a mixture of apricot jam, bourbon, and hot paprika and baked at 160C, add water and basting occasionally, until the internal temp was 65C.

After my ignominious defeat last time, I needed to go back and try making knödel again. This time I strived for a "stickier" texture than last time. The results were good: the knödel were nicely firm and neither disintegrated nor became soggy when I boiled them.

As a vegetable side I cooked diced butternut squash in a bit of butter. Just before serving I added white pepper and salt.

The knödel would benefit from being made with a lighter bread, but they still tasted good. The ham was really, really nice.

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