Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday: Osso Bucco

This was the result of a course correction mid-shopping: we went to the store intending to get a sea bass for dinner but they had run out between when I was there in the morning and when we went back. When I saw the very nice looking veal shanks, osso bucco popped immediately into my head.

I pretty much followed the recipe from Hazan, though I used fresh marjoram instead of thyme.

To accompany the veal I made a batch of risotto with saffron (following the recipe from Hazan, but without the addition of pancetta or marrow).

As a vegetable side I braised some red cabbage in apple cider.

The plate was wonderfully colorful and the food was just fantastic.

Wine note: we drank Juan Gil Jumilla with this meal and it paired quite well with both the saffron and the marjoram.

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