Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday: Pot au Feu

This one was relatively quick, but it built on ingredients made over a few days. The weekend before last I made a batch of rich chicken stock from roasted chicken bits. This was the basis of the stock. Monday night I simmered some pieces of beef (siedfleisch) along with a clove-spiked onion and a bay leaf in the chicken stock + some water for a few hours. The fished out pieces of beef cooled in a bit of stock overnight and the rest of the stock went in the fridge. A second straining through cheesecloth Tuesday evening gave the base for the soup. To the base I added celery root chopped into sticks, chopped savoy cabbage, sliced leek, the cleaned up pieces of meat, and salt. To serve I dished it into hot bowls on top of a layer of thinly sliced tender beef, some chopped chives, and some parsley.

We ate this wonderful stuff with bread.

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