Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday Curry

Very simple and good: Yellow (Thai) curry with potatoes, onions, and chicken breast accompanied by basmati rice and a quick pickle made from thinly sliced cuke, salt, and rhubarb-ginger jam(!).


Peter Goligher said...

Could you give me the real recipe for that please? The whole recipe.

greg landrum said...

"Real recipe" isn't really how I think when I cook most of the time. Curry is normally something like:

Cook a couple Tbs of curry paste (yellow in this case) with a bit of oil until the paste loses the raw smell. Add coconut milk and let simmer until the oil separates. Add a squirt of fish sauce, onion, and new potatoes (cut bite size) and let cook until the potato is 5 minutes from done. Add the chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces and simmer until done. Add lime juice, some sugar, and soy sauce to adjust salt. Serve topped with coriander.