Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday: small things

We had a couple friends over for snacks yesterday evening. Mostly the food centered around a cheese platter (a bunch of different Swiss cheeses, dried fruit, walnuts, crackers, etc.) but I did do a bit of kitchen work:

  1. Spiced almonds: the usual with cumin and salt
  2. Farinata: I've finally got the proportions right here, combine 320g chickpea flour, 500ml water, 1tsp salt and mix well; press through a fine sieve; stir in a couple Tbs olive oil; let stand an hour or so before preparation
  3. Pate a Choux: Ever since Ruhlman posted about this I've been wanting to make a batch. With the magic ratio it turns out to be easy. Back in the pre-food log days I once made gougeres for a dinner party from a different recipe. Those were a pain in the ass, these were not. Now I just need to figure out what to call the resulting puffs... "cream puff" sounds like something that should be sweet.

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