Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday: chicken and beans, fennel

As an appetizer I did a farinata with onions (cook some thinly sliced onions in the pan until they take on some color, then ladle the batter over them).

The main dish was a spanish-inspired chicken thing. Cook some chopped garlic in olive oil until it starts to take on color. Add diced chicken breast, salt, and some whole cumin seeds and let cook without disturbing until the chicken has browned on one side. Add chopped onion, stir, and let cook until the chicken is just cooked through. Add dry Nouilly Prat and let reduce by half. Add sweet and hot paprikas, a pinch of saffron, and some pureed tomatoes. Let simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add drained and rinsed canned white beans and let heat through. Serve with potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with chives and fresh breadcrumbs toasted in olive oil.

As a vegetable side I did a CPV take on fennel: cut the bulbs in half, core them, cut them into chunks, and then saute in olive oil with some salt until they get brown.

Together with the required green salad, this was a very good bunch of food.

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