Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday: steak with ebli and vegetable vinaigrette, corn salad

The steak: a pan-roasted rib eye.
The ebli: cooked in salted water, drained, cooled to room temp.
The vinaigrette: finely diced carrot, long green pepper, and dried tomato; minced onion, salt, white balsamico, rape seed oil, parsley. Left to stand for an hour before serving.

The corn salad was inspired by this week's Minimalist, I had missed this corn-balsamic vinegar-tomato-basil thing, so I did that: cut the kernels from the ears of corn, cook for a couple of minutes over high heat with chopped garlic and a bit of neutral oil, transfer to a bowl and add diced tomato, chopped basel, sherry vinegar (no balsamico in the house), and a bit of olive oil. Served in a lettuce cup.

Very good food.

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