Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday; pork steaks with bacon and pears

Wrapping up a savory pear trifecta: another recipe from Le Menu.

Season a couple of 3cm thick pork loin steaks well, sear on both sides, and then transfer to a 80C oven. Brown some diced bacon in a bit of clarified butter; add minced onion and cook until soft; add 2dl apple juice and 2dl beef bouillon and reduce by half; add 1.8dl of temperature-stable light cream (saucen halbrahm), a small amount of birnendicksaft, and 2 pears that have been cored and thickly sliced and bring to a simmer. Serve with the pork steaks.

We ate this with cauliflower and spaetzle and were very, very pleased; this is great stuff.

Oh yes, and a big green salad.

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