Saturday, October 30, 2010

Food in Berlin

Some nanoreviews
  • Wednesday dinner, Sarah Wiener's Speisezimmer: Service a bit rocky at first, got better after the new guy moved to do something else. Food mostly quite good aside from one of the components of the game zweierlei being pretty dry.
  • Thursday lunch, Sian: Very nice noodle and wonton soups and teas. Gotta make pho again. Thing to make: green tea brewed with a bit of ginger and lime leaf
  • Thursday dinner, Dos Palillos: We walked by a couple of times and this place looked so right, online reviews sounded good, so we gave it a try. 16 courses of small-plate pan-asian goodness. Only one miss in the whole batch (the sunemono, which somehow didn't come together). Wow.
  • Friday lunch, Curry 36: Gotta eat currywurst in Berlin! Curry could have been more intense, but good sausage and fries.
  • Friday dinner, Renger Patzsch: Service was somewhat overwhelmed (not helped by the fact that we were in the back room), but they were friendly about it. Food very enjoyable.
  • Saturday lunch, Dolores: California-style burritos in Berlin. :-) We enjoyed them.

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