Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tuesday Night: Veal with Mushrooms

Saturday I bought a couple of very nice looking veal steaks at the butcher and set them in the back of the fridge to age a bit. Last night was the time to actually prepare them.

I adapted a recipe from How to Cook Meat for broiled veal chops with mushrooms, bacon, and sherry to what I had on hand. So I didn't coat the steaks with garlic, oil, and oregano before broiling them (I put the garlic in the sauce) and I used a mixture of brown mushrooms and dried porcinis. I broiled the steaks in my cast iron skillet, following an idea from Bittman.

To go with the steaks, I made mashed potatoes (remembering to use the food mill this time, which makes damn nice mashed potatoes) and brussels sprouts sauteed in butter.

And we a had a green salad.

Wine: McLaren 2001 Linchpin Shiraz

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