Sunday, April 05, 2009

Friday: fried chicken

I'm not completely sure what got me thinking about fried chicken, but it was too alluring to pass on making.

I used the basic recipe from Bittmann with a couple minor changes: I seasoned the flour with salt, pepper, hot and sweet spanish paprikas, ground cumin, and ground coriander; after tossing the chicken pieces in the flour, I let them sit on a rack for a few minutes and then tossed them in the flour a second time before frying them.

The results were very tasty and, for once, the process went smoothly enough that I didn't end up saying: "ok, I'm not doing this again." at the end of the cooking.

To go with the chicken we had potatoes -- steamed in the skin and then peeled, or not, at the table; served with a mayo/mustard/chive/balsamico dip -- and the required green salad.

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