Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday: slow-cooked leg of lamb with baerlauch

An invention driven by the season and the large bag of Baerlauch we gathered on Sunday.

I started with a boneless leg of lamb. This I cut "on a roll" into a more or less uniform strip that was about 1.5 cm thick. I seasoned one side of this well with salt and pepper, then topped it with a layer of coarsely chopped Baerlauch. After rolling the roast back up and tying it, I let it rest for a couple hours before browning it well on all sides and then tossing into a low (90C) oven. I stopped the cooking after about 3 hours when the interior temp hit 70C, sliced it, and served. In theory I should have waited for 80C (at least according to the Niedergaren book), but at the rate the temperature was going up that would have taken another hour, and there was no way we were waiting that long. :-)

To go with this very nice creation we had bratkartoffeln, "braised" belgian endive, and a big green salad.

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