Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday: pork geschnetzeltes with chard and orange-cream sauce

The idea with this one was to have the geschnetzeltes and chard served with an orange-flavored foam. It didn't work out that way, but the results were still very nice.

For the sauce: toast some cumin seeds in a dry pan. Add orange juice and some big pieces of orange zest and reduce to a syrup. Pick out the zest and let the syrup cool a bit. Whip some heavy cream to stiff peaks and then stir in the orange syrup. Watch the lovely peaks vanish when the warm acidic liquid is added. Ah well, it's still a flavorful sauce.

The chard: cut the stem into bite-sized pieces and cook for a while with a pinch of salt and some neutral oil. Add the chopped leaves, cover and cook until everything is tender.

The pork: cook the geschnetzeltes over high heat with salt and butter.

I served the pork and chard separately alongside fettucine and then topped it with the sauce.

Definitely good stuff... now I just have to figure out to stabilize a foam.

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