Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday: Chard-gorgonzola tart

I'm going through a difficult phase with the the chard from the biokiste, so I dug around a bit to find something new to do with it. The recipe I found, in the Le Menu archive, was for a tart with chard, gorgonzola (the recipe called for "couronzola", which I guess is just a Swiss variant of this), and creme fraiche. Sounds pretty good!

In this case following the recipe was a mistake. Normally the Le Menu recipes are reliable, but here the crust really should have been pre-baked before adding the filling. I ended up baking the tart for 40 minutes instead of 20, but the crust was still pretty soft. Ah well, the chard-gorgonzola combination was a good one... definitely something to remember for the future.

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