Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday: Braised Kid (goat)

It seems that in some parts of Switzerland the traditional Easter dish is kid instead of lamb. We decided to give that a try. So yesterday we picked up some front quarter pieces (i.e. ribs) which I braised in marsala with sage and rosemary following a recipe from Kaltenbach.

There wasn't a lot of meat on those ribs (I should have bought hind quarter pieces instead), but what was there was quite tasty.

We ate the kid with polenta as a starch, appropriate accompaniment for a dish from Tessin.

While we were at the store I noticed some organic asparagus that I just couldn't resist. It's nothing like local (from Spain), but at least it didn't have to cross an ocean (and, as Andrea pointed out, I have no problem eating oranges and mandarines from Spain). I prepared this simply by cutting the stalks into pieces on a bias and sauteing them in butter. Good stuff!

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