Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Indian

Last night we had a couple of friends over for dinner and did an Indian meal.

As a main course I made "Red Braised Chicken" from BittmanWorld. I did the variation with vegetables and added some sliced okra about 30min before the end of the cooking time. I used leg quarters instead of a whole chicken (they braise better) and browned the pieces before starting the braise. The dish was good, but could have used a bit more spice.

As a rice dish I did the Bittman "Stuck-pot rice" recipe with yogurt and curry. We've done the potato version of this a couple of times. I didn't get the level of crust that I would have liked, but the flavor of the rice was excellent.

I also made a simple raita with yogurt, lime, salt, and a cumin, black mustard, and curry leaf mixture that I toasted first.

Of course we also had a green salad.

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