Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday's extreme randomness

I had a plan for last night's dinner, even a good plan, but it was dependent on picking up a steak at the butcher. So, of course, the butcher was closed yesterday. That left us with the need to either go to the store or improvise from what was in the house. We were both feeling lazy, so improvisation it was.

I made a batter (1dl milk, 1dl water, pinch of salt, 120g knopflimehl) and used that to make thin pancake/thick crepes. These I filled with thinly sliced fleischkase (leftover from weekend breakfast), grated cheese (gruyere and tete de moine), toasted walnuts, and black pepper. I rolled the crepes, put them all in a gratin dish, and baked until the cheese inside was melted and the tops were crispy.

With this bit of randomness we had a green salad.

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