Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday's fish

There wasn't much cooking last week: the baked pasta lasted until Thursday and we went out on Friday night (Kornhaus, no further nanoreviews necessary... it's good). Yesterday though, yesterday I spent some time in the kitchen.

The concept for the meal came in the morning when I saw the display of whole fish that they had at the store. After last week's failed attempt to get fish, there was no way I was passing this chance up. I exercised some restraint and "only" bought a dorade royale (sea bream), a mackerel, and some sardines. After getting home the searching through the cookbooks started.

The sardines I did as escabeche based on a recipe from Tapas. I deviated from the recipe a bit by adding chili to the oil and using some red-wine vinegar. We didn't try this last night; it's been steeping in the fridge and should be ready tonight.

I roasted the dorade on a bed of diced carrot, celery, sliced onion, and olive oil.

For the mackerel I used a recipe from BittmanWorld for "grilled" mackerel with garlic and rosemary. My modifications here were to add some lemon zest and parsley to the garlic and rosemary used to rub the fish.

As a sides we had grain risotto cooked in vegetable boullion (in the pressure cooker), braised chard, and a green salad.

It was a very nice meal.

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